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Friday, April 18, 2014

Story Leather Review & GIVEAWAY!

The lovely Charm City Mama is back with a wonderful review of Story Leather, complete with a giveaway for our awesome readers!

For this review, I was contacted via Twitter about a leather company called Story Leather.  They specialize in custom 100% genuine leather wallets, purses, bags and more.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to bring this product to our readers because of the fact they specialize in personalized orders, as well as the staple pieces like phone cases that everyone has to have.  I know I go through at least 2 a year because they are either plastic or cheap and rip apart.

Story Leather was so kind as to send me just that to review: a Blue iPhone 5/5s Book Style Case.  When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the amazing packaging, wrapped in felt, and thank you card enclosed.  It really made me feel like they take pride in the product they put out and genuinely cared about the customer, before I'd even laid eyes on the case.  

As I unwrapped the felt, this beautiful blue case took my eye, I could tell it was genuine leather just holding it and the fact that it's handcrafted doesn't go unnoticed either.  The case was a leather side-flip case with a magnetic closure.  Inside, it could fit one card of some kind and had an insert for the cash behind it.

What could be a better Mother's Day gift than a beautiful leather accessory for her, that she will have for years and years?  So head on over to Story Leather and start creating your very own gift today!  If you don't have a custom piece in mind, don't worry!  There is a whole selection of pre-made cases to choose from that are all in stock and ready to ship!  I would recommend this company to anyone looking for something special that will last for years!

Save 10% today on your purchase at Story Leather with the coupon code: MYSTORY2014


One My Work At Home World and Charm City Mama reader will win a BlueiPhone 5/5s Book Style Case as featured in this review that retails for $99.  To enter, simply fill out the Rafflecopter form below and Good Luck!  This giveaway will end on May 2, 2014 at 11:59 pm CST.  This giveaway is open to the US only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Finding Balance with Kristi Yamaguchi and Alpine Lace Cheese! {FLASH GIVEAWAY}

I recently had the exciting opportunity to attend a webinar with Kristi Yamaguchi, sponsored by Alpine Lace Cheese!  Kristi is an amazing Olympic ice-skater that I remember watching and looking up to when I was younger.  Now, she's put Olympic ice-skating on the backburner for her family life and other pursuits.  Being a mom and doing it all is incredibly hard and finding that balance and staying active is very difficult.  Kristi gave us some great tips and Alpine Lace Cheese is a great way to pick healthy snacks and meals while trying to balance it all!

Some of my favorite tips were:

1. It's much better to do your best than to do it all.  You can't do everything perfect 100% of the time.  Being a mom and working and keeping the house clean and everything else is a LOT!  When you are being great at one thing, other things are going to have to give and that's OKAY!

2. Take 30 minutes of ME time a day!  I've been hearing this a lot lately and trying to remind myself of this.  You are the glue that holds everything together, so keep yourself healthy and happy.

3. Healthy on-the-go snacks keep you motivated and moving.  (*Hint* Try Alpine Lace Cheese as it has 25% less fat than other cheeses and tastes great!)

4. In Japan, workers are required to take a break every hour to stand up and stretch and move.  I fully think this should become a norm here, too!  Being a blogger, I find myself sitting for long periods of time and that's not healthy for anyone.  Take a break, jump up and move!

5. Keep a daily journal of happy things.  Even just one line of something good that happened that day can help keep you centered and smilling.

6. Stay active with your little ones!  Don't just encourage them to do it, do it with them!

Kristi is such an inspiration for that working mom doing it all and she understands how hard it is to keep that balance!  It was super neat to sit down and have her talk to us and she ever answered my question about teaching your kids about me time, too!  Remember, don't overbook them, they're just kids!  As part of this amazing webinar, I get to offer my readers a prize pack featuring coupons for Alpine Lace Cheese, a One Line A Day Journal and an awesome jacket from Kristi's new activewear line: Tsu.Ya!

To enter, simply leave a comment with your favorite tip that Kristi gave, or your own tip for finding that balance!

For extra entry, share on any social media and leave a comment with the url.

For one last entry, follow My Work At Home World on any social media and leave a comment with how you followed.

Good Luck!  This giveaway ends Sunday, April 20th at 5:00 pm CST.  Open to the US only.  

For more chances to win a prize pack, head over to Hobbies on a Budget and Making Time For Mommy, two awesome blogs who also got to sit in on this awesome webinar and are hosting giveaways for the same prize packs, too!

***I will receive the same prize pack for this post.  However, all opinions are my own.  My Work At Home World is not responsible for prize fulfillment.***

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Play2Shop $50 Giveaway & Twitter Party! May 8 from 8-9 PM EST! #Play4Mom

I have been a member of Play2Shop for a few months now and I absolutely LOVE it!  It's what I like to call "Productive Downtime".  We all love to take a break and play games online and Play2Shop rewards you for just that!  It's FREE to sign up and they have a ton of awesome games!  I personally love winding down in the evenings playing Ya! Dice or Backgammon.  My mom loves playing Balloonz on her tablet with my son.  And we're earning points as we play!  

I cashed out my points last month and got my son his FAVORITE TV character, Caillou!  It was 100% FREE! Just for playing games!

I attended Play2Shop's Valentine's Day Twitter Party and, not only did I have a blast, I WON a package of Shari's Berries!  They were amazing!

I'm excited to announce that I am co-hosting Play2Shop's Mother's Day Twitter Party on Thursday, May 8th from 8-9 PM EST (7-8 PM CST)!!!  I am SO excited about this Twitter Party and I want EVERYONE to attend!  Play2Shop will be giving away a ton of awesome prizes during the Twitter Party!  

I'm also hosting a $50 PayPal/Amazon giveaway leading up to the Play2Shop Twitter Party!  To enter, simply head over to Play2Shop, join for free** (takes 30 seconds) and play one game.  (I recommend Ya! Dice!)  Easiest $50 ever!  Winner will be announced at the Play2Shop Twitter Party on Thursday, May 8!!
**If you already have an account, don't worry!  Just follow the link through and when it asks for your sign-up info, just click "sign in to your existing account" at the bottom and play a game!

***This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  My Work At Home World is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  This giveaway is open Worldwide.  Void where prohibited.  Winner must be 18 years or older.***

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mother's Day Seasonal Work From Home Telephone Jobs!

There are a ton of different, legitimate work from home opportunities out there.  While I prefer strictly online jobs, some people prefer telephone jobs.  Any holiday that is big on flower delivery means that flower companies are often looking for customer service agents to work from home.  While I absolutely LOVE and promote theBouqs for ordering flowers, if you are looking for a legitimate work from home position, 1-800-FLOWERS, Blooms Today and Teleflora are three great options!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

TheBouqs! Beautiful Volcano Flowers Delivered!

With Mother's Day coming up, I am beyond excited to introduce you to TheBouqs!!  TheBouqs is an exciting new online flower shop that sources some of the most beautiful, fresh flowers from eco-friendly, sustainable farms from the side of a volcano!  As opposed to most flower deliveries, TheBouqs cuts your flowers to order and they arrive FRESH at your door within days of being cut!  

I was given the opportunity to order a bouquet myself, so I could see how beautiful TheBouqs flowers are and share from my own experience!  There are SO many beautiful flowers that I couldn't decide, so I chose the Grower's Choice selection which lets them select a fresh bouquet for you (and that way, it'd be a surprise for me)!  A few days after I placed my order, I got a knock on the door from FedEx and was beyond excited to see my package from TheBouqs!!

The First Years: Gumdrop Drying Rack, Bottles & Pacifiers!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

With our recent move and crashing in my parent's basement, we are tight on space everywhere, especially in the kitchen.  When I was saw the chance to review The First Years Gumdrop drying rack and other products, I jumped on that chance!  Seems like we always had bottles drying in the sink where we were trying to clean, or running out of top dishwasher space before we'd put anything in the bottom!

When I saw the box and all the pieces, I was hoping it was easy to put together and thankfully it was!  I had the entire thing assembled in a minute!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Getting Ready For My First Blog Conference - Bloggy Boot Camp!

I have been blogging for a year now and I'm ready to turn this into my full-time career.  I already put full-time effort into it, so it's time to figure out how to get a full-time income out of it!  I took the leap and bought a ticket for Bloggy Boot Camp for this coming Saturday in St. Louis, MO.  Bloggy Boot Camp is an awesome blogger conference for beginner to intermediate bloggers and it's all packed into one amazing day!

I will be travelling with the lovely Natalie who guest posts on her own corner here: Charm City Mama.  I'm very excited that we both have the chance to attend this event and can't wait to learn EVERYTHING!

This year, there are some AMAZING speakers!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 GIVEAWAY! Thanks to Heroes of the City and So Simply Stephanie!

I am VERY excited to be promoting an awesome giveaway sponsored by Heroes of the City!  I recently reviewed their App and my son absolutely adores it!  He asks to play it quite often and doesn't like giving it back.  

You can read my full review and I've also got a giveaway going on for a Heroes of the City prize pack including the DVD, the book and die-cast cars of Heroes of the City characters.  Make sure to check those out and then enter this awesome giveaway!

Welcome to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Giveaway!
Open Internationally

April 1st - 21st, 2014


Custom Power Wheel Painting! {How-To}

My boyfriend recently gave my son's Power Wheel the most amazing custom paint job and he was so excited that he wanted to share with my readers!!

This will be the first post I’ve done anywhere in terms of blogs and I really am excited to bring something to the table. Dominique has put a lot of hours into her work and takes a lot of pride in it. That is something I can relate to with my artwork, so when I approached her about doing this and writing a blog post I was a bit nervous because I do take pride in what I do with my art and especially something that will be seen by all of you fine folks at home. This is hopefully the start of a new section in the blog called D.I.T (Do-It-Together) - great projects for the whole family to get in on and do together. 

Today, I will be talking about overhauling a Power Wheels car. My son, JW, got a Fisher Price Power Wheels car from his loving grandparents and, being a car guy, I took one look at the sun-bleached red Power Wheels car with peeling stickers and knew I had a different vision for this little car and how to make it look new again. Seeing as we have two little ones, we are on a budget, so this was the answer I came up with to help the family save money and still give our little man the car he deserves. 

All-Natural Remedy For A Toddler's Cough! {GIVEAWAY!}


We recently moved from Chicago to Kansas and are staying with my parents until we find a house.  (Finding a house that fits us, in this small town has been no easy task.)  We've pretty much taken over their basement (THANK YOU!), but it gets pretty cold down there at night and this crazy Spring weather has given us all a cold in the past few weeks.

My son is 2, so when he got a little cough and a runny nose, my mom stopped by the Walgreens in town and looked around for something that my son could take.  Not finding anything, she asked the pharmacist what he'd recommend.  The pharmacist told my mom there was nothing that she could give someone as young as my son, so she came home empty-handed.

As she was telling me this, a lightbulb went off in my head, I know I have some all-natural medicine SOMEWHERE in all my boxes of stuff.  Luckily, I must've known that we'd need this right away and I had packed it away with all of my other bathroom essentials!