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Photo 1 of 5California Chicken Cafe Chinese Chicken Salad (wonderful California Kitchen Cafe #1)

California Chicken Cafe Chinese Chicken Salad (wonderful California Kitchen Cafe #1)

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Pass The Cornbread!

Pass The Cornbread!

For Daily Menu, See Our Facebook Page.

For Daily Menu, See Our Facebook Page.

California Chicken Kitchen Salad
California Chicken Kitchen Salad
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California Chicken Cafe Chinese Chicken Salad (wonderful California Kitchen Cafe #1)Slide; Slide; Slide; Slide . (attractive California Kitchen Cafe #2)Pass The Cornbread! (marvelous California Kitchen Cafe #3)For Daily Menu, See Our Facebook Page. (delightful California Kitchen Cafe #4)California Chicken Kitchen Salad (nice California Kitchen Cafe #5)

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