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    题 目:On the stability and dynamic transitions of the nanofluid layer heated from below


    时 间:2023年5月25日(周)1340-1440

    地 点:6号学院楼500会议室

    主办单位:古天乐代言太阳集团(中国)有限公司 浙江省2011“数据科学与大数据分析协同创新中心”


    This talk is aboutthe stability and the type of dynamic transitions ofthe nanofluid layer heated from below. Firstly, the linear stabilityof the basic state of the nanofluid layer is investigated. Theoretically, we provethat the basic state is going to remain stable as the Rayleigh number smallenough. Numerically, we show that the basic state will lose its stability andbecome unstable when the Rayleigh number exceeds a critical value. Secondly,the dynamic transition related to basic state instability is studied. We showthat a parameter called transition number plays an important role in determiningthe type of the phase transition. It is more accurate to say that if the signof the real part of the transition number is negative (positive) then the typeof the phase transition is continuous (catastrophic) transition. Finally, we usenumerical experiment to determine the transition types under the specifyingcontrol parameters cases. Our numerical experiments show that the transitionnumber always has a negative real part which means that the phase transitioncan only be continuous transition.


    闫东明,四川大学应用数学博士。美国印第安纳大学布卢明顿分校访问学者。主要研究领域为偏微分方程理论及其应用。在相变动力学理论的应用、具有变号核的算子方程正解的存在性、带有集值问题正解分支的振荡性、非局部四阶边值问题的谱及其应用、以及变系数问题正解的存在性等方面取得了一些进展。主要成果发表在《Journal of Differential Equations》、《Nonlinear Dynamics》、《Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. Ser. B》、《应用数学学报》、《系统科学与数学》等国内外学术期刊上。